Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ever Wonder What Atreyu's Been Up To?


First of all, I would like to say, woo. First article on the new website!

Anyway, I've been recently wondering where Atreyu have been lately. Ever since they released the irritating video for "Fallen Down" they've kinda vanished. Well, they've apparently entered the studio with producer Bob Marlette.

Now, Atreyu were part of the original Southern California hardcore movement. And, have made some pretty good albums in the beginning of their career. I often throw on one of their pre-Lead Sails albums when I want some catchy pop-metal. Plus, they kick Underoath's ass. (In case you're a moron, the comparison is because both bands have the screaming front-man and a guy that does clean chorus vocals on drums.) And I, much like the few people that bought Lead Sails, was very dissapointed by the band's major-label debut. It's essential the example of why heavy bands shouldn't go on major labels. So, I'm excited to say that the new album should be better. Regarding the album, singer and cheif russian guy, Alex Varkatzas says “We started as a heavy hardcore band, and I think we’ve gotten away from that in recent years. The last record, for example, showcased us as a rock band with heavy parts. With this record, we want to return to our roots while also continuing to move forward. It’s about finding the right balance between the two.” Which basically means "We sold out. Sorry. We'll try and do better this time."

Now, It shouldn't be very hard to do better. In my oppinion, Lead Sails was Atreyu's version of St. Anger. And, hopefully the new album will be Atreyu's Death Magnetic. And, ya know, NOT an annoying, auto-tuned mess of generic, over-produced radio rock.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome To The Blog Metal!

Hello my lovlies! I am Brutal Jay. Welcome to the my new metal news site to be updated whenever the Hell I feel like it. I shall have interviews, news, and all the other things you expect. I was running this off of my MySpace account but, I decided that looked stupid when I would approach people for interviews. Stick around and stay metal.