Monday, September 7, 2009

Fred Dursts Still Thinks Spray Painting Is Cool

The above image was supposedly spray painted by Durst himself. Now, I got the picture off of the Onion and it didn't have an actual article attached to it so, I'm not sure how credible that is. But, I do not claim to be a news source nor do I really care. It's just funny to think of Fred Durst, in his early 40's, up on a ladder spray painting his band name on a bridge. As if anyone on their drive home from work is gonna see the art, get all nostalgic about the late 90's/early 00's and go home and look up the Bizkit on MySpace.

I personally think he did it. Only because, I mean, who else is gonna risk their life by writing the name of a nu-metal band on the side of a bridge? Don't they have gang signs to paint? Anyways.. Here's Durst and such performing "Take A Look Around" at Download 09.. And he introduces it as a new song. I'm sorry but, didn't this song come out in 2001?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Atreyu Stuff... In Case You Still Care About Atreyu

Yeah. Ok, Atreyu has a new album coming out which means one of metal's most controversial bands is back in the news. By "controversial" I don't mean cool controversial like Mayhem or Marilyn Manson, I mean, a lot of metal fans really, really hate this band. And, up until they released Lead Sails, I was on the pro-Atreyu side. Well, Atreyu has promised that this new album will get some of their metal "cred" back. And, Atreyu heads out on tour with Hollywood Undead soon.

Wait... Is this correct? How the HELL do you expect to earn back metal cred when you're going out on tour with one of the most HATED bands in the metal world. I mean seriously, almost every metal fan ON THE PLANET absolutely loathes Hollywood Undead. And, so do I. Not only are they going out with Hollywood Undead, or HU as the trendy kids say, Atreyu is the opening act! I don't think you heard me... ATREYU IS OPENING FOR HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD!!!! Look, Atreyu's next album, entitled Congregation Of The Damned will be the band's 5th studio album. This band is reaching their 10th year of being signed to a major label. Hollywood Undead had 1 album out. And hasn't been on the scene for even two years. Hollywood Undead, and their crappy version of rapcore isn't even qualified to kiss the ground Atreyu walks on. They have earned NOTHING. They have done NOTHING. Hollywood Undead is a worthless trend band that will fade away in less than a year. Mark my words.

That being said (in all caps), Atreyu has a new song... Sorta. A fan filmed them playing the song "Bleeding Is A Luxury" live at the Epicenter music festival '09. Now, Atreyu tends to throw out a lot of cliches when they play live. Saying things like "I wanna keep the energy high, and the rock fuckin rollin'." ... What the Hell does that mean? At any rate, I already like the song better than any of the songs off of Lead Sails. Listen for yourself. Congregation Of The Damned comes out October 27th.