Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Tope Album of the Week Via Last.FM - Revocation's "Existence Is Futile"

One of the perks of being back is that I can start doing this again. My top album this week, according my Last.FM account is Revocation's crushing sophomore release, Existence Is Futile. First of all, even though I haven't been posting, I still generated the list every week trying to motivate myself to write. And I would like to point out that last week's winner which was Scar Symmetry's newest album Dark Matter Dimensions holds the record for most plays of an album in any given one week period for me coming in with 61 one plays in just one week. Which is pretty huge so, eventually I will be writing a full review of that album.

I guess I kept my iPod on shuffle for most of the week because this week's winner only had 17 plays. Oh well. Lets talk about how amazing this album is. It totally takes their first release, Empire Of The Obscene, and rapes it... In the face! As great as an album that was, Existence Is Futile crushes it in every possible way. The intricate guitar work is what I think makes this album above all else that I've heard this year. Just listen to the opening instrumental track "Enter The Hall." When I bought this album at a local record store (physical CDs for the win!) on Holloween, me and my friend Malcolm played it through my computer as we prepared our costumes as Jay and Silent Bob to go hang out in front of a convenience store. We weren't really paying attention during the first few seconds of the album. Then the cymbal crash. After the cymbal crash of the first track, everything goes off. It's like an explosion of guitar solos. The both of us just stopped and stared at my computer for a second. That very second I decided that this was one of the best albums of 2009 by far. And THE best new band out there without question.

After that the entire album is just a slew of thrash metal classics to kill your family to. The title track is one of the most interesting songs on the album because it makes you feel like it's two different songs. About half-way through the song everything stops and it just picks back up with a completely different and equally as amazing riff and vocal line, and drum progression. Just really interesting how they did this. Also, the song "The Brain Scramblers" is just a song that is meant to be played live. I can just see the audience screaming. "NEUROTOXINS SCRAMBLES BRAINS!!!" Just pure win.

I'm not gonna spend much time dissecting each song but, I would like to say this; if you don't buy a copy of this album, you are missing out on what is probably the best metal album of 2009. Hands down.

Highlights of the album are... THE ENTIRE THING. Seriously. Buy it. Now. Go.

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