Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Exclusive Video Interview With Dean Herrera of The Human Abstract

Not only is this the first interview I'm posting on this site. It's my first ever video interview. This is exciting. I'm glad all four of my readers get to join in this moment with me.

After their show in Charlotte, NC, I got to meet up with the lead guitarist of The Human Abstract, Dean Herrera. Now, the original interview was supposed to be with vocalist Nathan Ells but, he appeared to be busy. The singer for Oh, Sleeper noticed me waiting on Nathan and started alerting people and asking where he was an all that. After about 10 minutes he walks up to me and says "Is it ok if Dean does the interview instead? We can't seem to find Nathan." I was like Hell yeah. Even though I was slightly less prepared for this interview than I would have been with Nathan. But, I think it turned out fine. Some of my questions may seem a tad random. Like, how I go from talking about touring to talking about the album to talking about writing processes etc. But, Dean seemed cool with it. I warned him before hand how unprofessional I am.

Now, I would like to say you may have noticed that this is not a YouTube video. This is due to a copywrite claim by the stupid WMG... What exactly is WMG, anyway? Oh well, good thing this blog has it's own video player.

I would like to thank Dean for agreeing to the interview on literally no notice. And, of course the guy from Oh, Sleeper for setting this up for me. All background noise is provided to us by the nice people in IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. I will be writing a show review within the next week. I spent all last week editing this video. Enjoy.

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