Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Don't ya just love the smell of a brand new IWRESTLEDABEARONCE video? I know I do. And, the genre-fucking group has just released a new video for "You Ain't No Family." And, needless to say, I like it. Even if it is the most serious thing this band has ever done. They are getting a lot of shit for this video all over the internets. People calling it "gay hipster metal" and whatnot. I do not agree with this. I think they're an amazing band. And amazing people. As you may recall I got to hang out with them at one of their shows recently. They're just fun people and they project that into, well, everything they do.

The song is pretty classic IWABO. Nothing much to say other than it's a good song. It sounds like them without, ya know, repeating themselves. I think a lot of fans were scared that it would sound exactly like "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" but it doesn't. The album It's All Happening just came out yesterday just came out yesterday. I haven't heard it yet but I hear it's amazing. Just like the rest of their stuff.

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