Friday, June 5, 2009

A Video Game As Brutal As I?

Well, not just yet. Apparently the production of the game Brutal Legend has been posponed due to a lawsuit between Activision and Double Fine Productions. Variety explains more;

Activision has filed a lawsuit against videogame developer Double Fine Prods. that may prevent Electronic Arts from releasing “Brutal Legend” in October.

The videogame publisher claims that Double Fine missed a key deadline for “Brutal Legend” last year during its development and then set up the game with rival EA when it needed $7 million more and an additional nine months to finish it.

But Activision said in a lawsuit filed in the Santa Monica Courthouse, that it had never relinquished the rights to the game, in which it had already invested $15 million to develop. It also wasn’t paid back any money Double Fine was given to produce the game.

Company will suffer “irreparable harm” and lose not only sales from the game but also revenue from downloadable content, in-game advertising, merchandise and other opportunities if the release isn’t stopped, Activision said in the filing.

Now, this sucks on so many levels. I wasn't even aware this game existed until today when the suit surfaced. I mean, a metal themed game that's not Guitar Hero or Rock Band that stars Jack Black, Rob Halford, Lita Ford, Lemmy, and Ozzy? Hell yeah. Hopefully this lawsuit doesn't take all that long. This game seems like it'd be pretty damn fun.

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