Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everyone Knows That Juggalos are Rabid GWAR Fans

Above is a 14-minute infomercial about the 10th annual "Gathering Of The Juggalos" that I discovered via MetalSucks. There are a few things about this video that I find hilarious. Like, the two people that are hosting the infomercial. Where do they find these people?! I could swear they were comedians if I didn't know they were being serious. The fact that, on top of being a rapper, wrestler, and "buisness man", Violent J is also apparently a cook. The fact that, on top of the whole Psychopathic Family, who also dress up as clowns as if it were a requirement to get signed to this lable, the festival also boasts Ice Cube and Coolio! Well, shit nigga. Where do I sign up?

But the two bands on the line-up that I found most interesting are Mushroomhead and GWAR... fucking GWAR!! Ok, I kinda get Mushroomhead. They wear face paint and a couple of songs have a bit of a rap ting to them. But GWAR? I honestly don't think the juggalos can handle that amount of originality. At least the crowd will get sprayed with blood and not Faygo. At least that "bouncy boxing" thing kinda sounds like fun.

Also, the most missunderstood people in history? I don't even think I need to say something smart about that statement.

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